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Virtual Machines

Create Linux and Windows virtual machines in minutes

  • Scale to what you need
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Enhance security and compliance

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Autoscale your virtual machines for high availability

  • Create hundreds of identical virtual machines—in minutes
  • Rapidly scale your big compute and big data applications
  • Rely on integrated load balancing and auto scaling
  • Deploy virtual machines and updates at scale
  • Support Linux or Windows images and extensions
  • Run Cassandra, Cloudera, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Mesos

Azure Container Service

Deploy and manage containers using the tools you choose

  • Create a container hosting solution optimized for Azure
  • Scale and orchestrate applications using DC/OS or Docker Swarm
  • Use popular open source, client-side tooling
  • Migrate container workloads to and from Azure without code changes

Azure Container Registry

Manage a Docker private registry as a first-class Azure resource

  • Store and manage container images across all types of Azure deployments
  • Keep container images near deployments to reduce latency and costs
  • Maintain Windows and Linux container images in a single Docker registry
  • Use familiar, open source Docker command line interface (CLI) tools
  • Simplify registry access management with Azure Active Directory


Process events with a serverless code architecture

  • Easily schedule event-driven tasks across services
  • Expose Functions as HTTP API endpoints
  • Scale Functions based on customer demand
  • Develop how you want, using a browser-based UI or existing tools
  • Get continuous deployment, remote debugging, and authentication out of the box


Cloud-scale job scheduling and compute management

  • Scale to tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual machines
  • Cloud-enable batch and HPC applications
  • Stage data and execute compute pipelines
  • Choose Linux or Windows to run jobs
  • Autoscale on work in the queue
  • Pay for what you use with no capital investment

Service Fabric

Build and operate always-on, scalable, distributed applications

  • Simplify microservice-based application development and lifecycle management
  • Deliver low-latency performance and efficiency at massive scale
  • Proven platform used by Azure and other Microsoft services
  • Run in Azure, on-premises, or in other clouds

Cloud Services

Deploy highly-available, infinitely-scalable applications and APIs

  • Focus on apps, not hardware
  • Support for Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET, and Ruby
  • Autoscale to meet demand and save money
  • Deploy thousands of instances in minutes
  • Integrated health, monitoring and load-balancing
  • Automatic operating system and application patching


Virtual Network

Your private network in the cloud

  • Build a hybrid infrastructure that you control
  • Bring your own IP addresses and DNS servers
  • Secure your connections with an IPSec VPN or ExpressRoute
  • Gain granular control over traffic between subnets
  • Create sophisticated network topologies using virtual appliances
  • Get an isolated and secure environment for your applications

Load Balancer

Deliver high availability and network performance to your applications

  • Instantly add scale to your applications
  • Load balance Internet and private network traffic
  • Improve application reliability via health checks
  • Flexible NAT rules for better security
  • Directly integrated into virtual machines and cloud services

Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateway provides application-level routing and load balancing services that let you build a scalable and highly-available web front end in Azure.

  • Scalable, highly-available HTTP load balancing
  • Cookie affinity for cross-session-state sharing
  • 99.9% uptime SLA for multi-instance gateways
  • Management through Azure APIs
  • Support for both public and private web sites
  • SSL offload for better utilization

VPN Gateway

Connecting your infrastructure to the cloud

  • Industry standard site-to-site IPsec VPNs
  • Point-to-site VPN access from anywhere
  • 99.9% uptime SLA for VPN gateways
  • Highly available and easy to manage
  • Secure connections from anywhere

Azure DNS

Host your domain in Azure for outstanding performance and availability

  • DNS hosted alongside your apps
  • Ultra-high availability
  • Fast DNS queries
  • Rapid updates to DNS records
  • Supports all common DNS record types

Traffic Manager

Geo-route incoming traffic to your app for better performance and availability

  • Improve app availability with automatic failover
  • Increase your app’s responsiveness
  • Enable smooth cloud migration
  • Distribute your app traffic equally or with weighted values
  • A/B test new deployments
  • Seamlessly combine on-premises and cloud systems


Experience a faster, private connection to Azure

  • Private connections to Azure
  • Increased reliability and speed
  • Lower latency
  • Higher security
  • Significant cost benefits possible
  • Connects directly to your WAN

Network Watcher

Monitor, diagnose, and gain insights to your network performance and health

  • Remotely capture packet data for your virtual machines
  • Monitor your virtual machine network security using flow logs and security group view
  • Diagnose your VPN connectivity issues


Storage: Blobs, Tables, Queues, Files, Disks

Massively scalable cloud storage for your applications

  • Security-enhanced, durable, and highly available across the globe
  • Industry-leading performance with exabytes of capacity
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Open, multi-platform support

Data Lake Store

A hyper-scale repository for big data analytics workloads

  • An Apache Hadoop® Distributed File System for the cloud
  • No fixed limits on file size
  • No fixed limits on account size
  • Unstructured and structured data in their native format
  • Massive throughput to increase analytic performance
  • High durability, availability, and reliability
  • Azure Active Directory access control


An enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution that lowers costs by up to 60%

  • Consolidate storage infrastructure
  • Automate data management across the enterprise
  • Accelerate disaster recovery, improve compliance
  • Enhance IT agility to support core business

Azure Backup

Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service

  • Unified solution to protect data on-premises and in the cloud
  • 99.9% availability guaranteed
  • Reliable offsite backup target
  • Efficient incremental backups
  • Secure—data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Geo-replicated backup store

Site Recovery

Orchestrate your disaster recovery plan

  • Automated protection and replication of virtual machines
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Customizable recovery plans
  • No-impact recovery plan testing
  • Orchestrated recovery when needed
  • Replication to—and recovery in—Azure

Web & Mobile

Web Apps

Create and deploy mission-critical web apps that scale with your business.

  • Supports .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, and Python
  • Built-in autoscale and load balancing
  • High availability with auto-patching
  • Continuous deployment with Git, TFS, GitHub, and Visual Studio Team Services
  • Supports WordPress, Umbraco, Joomla, and Drupal

Mobile Apps

Build engaging iOS, Android, and Windows apps

  • Broadcast push with customer segmentation
  • Enterprise single sign-on with Active Directory
  • Autoscale to support millions of devices
  • Apps can work offline and sync
  • Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google

Logic Apps

Quickly build powerful integration solutions

  • Create business processes and workflows visually
  • Integrate with your SaaS and enterprise applications
  • Unlock value from on-premises and cloud applications
  • Automate EAI, B2B, and business processes
  • Take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud to enhance your integration solutions

API Apps

Quickly build and consume APIs in the cloud using the language of your choice

  • Secure APIs with Active Directory, single sign-on, and OAuth
  • Generate client proxies or APIs in your language of choice
  • Mashup existing enterprise APIs
  • Integrate with API Management and Logic Apps

Content Delivery Network

A powerful multiple provider solution

  • Multiple providers for your content delivery needs
  • Global delivery and acceleration of any content to any device
  • APIs for building global applications fast
  • Accelerated content and apps performance
  • Robust security
  • Backed by massive storage and compute capacity
  • Control as simple or complex as needed
  • Advanced real-time analytics

Media Services

Cloud services for premium video workflows

  • Studio-grade encoding at cloud scale
  • One player for all your playback needs
  • Greater discoverability and accessibility of media through media intelligence
  • Content protection and encryption delivered by AES and PlayReady
  • On-demand and live video streaming with integrated Content Delivery Network capabilities
  • Broad ecosystem of value-added partners


Cloud search service for web and mobile app development

  • Get your search indices up and running quickly
  • Easily scale up and down as needed
  • Connect search results to business goals with great control over search ranking
  • Leverage Microsoft’s deep knowledge of natural language processing
  • Load and update automatically with integrated indexers
  • Easily add geo-spatial search to your app


SQL Database

The developer’s intelligent cloud database

  • Learn and adapt dynamically with your app
  • Scale performance on the fly, without app downtime
  • Build multitenant apps with customer isolation and efficiency
  • Work within your preferred development environments
  • Help protect and secure your app data

SQL Data Warehouse

An elastic data warehouse as a service with enterprise-class features.

  • Petabyte scale with massively parallel processing
  • Independent scaling of compute and storage—in seconds
  • Transact-SQL queries across relational and non-relational data
  • Full enterprise-class SQL Server experience
  • Works seamlessly with Power BI, Machine Learning, HDInsight, and Data Factory

SQL Server Stretch Database

Dynamically stretch SQL Server databases to Azure

  • Scale SQL Server 2016 using bottomless cloud storage
  • Make warm and cold data available to users at low cost
  • Access and query stretched data online
  • Move data easily—no query or application changes required
  • Use with advanced security features like Always Encrypted
  • Reduce maintenance and storage costs for on-premises data


NoSQL service for highly available, globally distributed apps—take full advantage of SQL and JavaScript without the hassles of other on-premises or virtual machine-based cloud options.

  • Guaranteed low latency
  • Achieve limitless scale
  • Replicate data globally
  • Benefits of SQL and JavaScript, schema-free
  • More choices for consistency
  • Enterprise grade SLAs

Redis Cache

High throughput, consistent low-latency data access to power fast, scalable Azure applications

  • Fully managed
  • High throughput
  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • Secure

Data Factory

Compose and orchestrate data services at scale

  • Create, schedule, orchestrate, and manage data pipelines
  • Visualize data lineage
  • Connect to on-premises and cloud data sources
  • Monitor data pipeline health
  • Automate cloud resource management

Intelligence & Analytics


A managed Apache Hadoop, Spark, R, HBase, and Storm cloud service made easy

  • A Data Lake service
  • Scale to petabytes on demand
  • Crunch all data—structured, semi-structured, unstructured
  • Develop in Java, .NET, and more
  • Skip buying and maintaining hardware
  • Spin up Apache Hadoop, Spark, and R clusters in the cloud
  • Use Excel or your favorite BI tool to visualize Hadoop data
  • Connect on-premises Hadoop clusters with the cloud

Machine Learning

A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions.

  • Powerful cloud based analytics, now part of Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio includes hundreds of built-in packages and support for custom code
  • Share your solution with the world in the Gallery or on the Azure Marketplace

Cognitive Services

Build powerful intelligence into your applications to enable natural and contextual interactions

  • Enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment users' experiences using the power of machine-based intelligence
  • Tap into an ever-growing collection of powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for vision, speech, language, and knowledge

Azure Bot Service*

Intelligent, serverless bot service that scales on demand

  • Start quickly with built-in templates
  • Reach your users on multiple channels
  • Boost the power of bots with Azure services
  • No server management or patching needed
  • Scale out automatically
  • Pay only for what you use

Data Lake Analytics

Big data analytics made easy

  • Analyze any kind of data of any size
  • Develop faster, debug and optimize smarter
  • Use U-SQL: simple, familiar, and extensible
  • Managed and supported with an enterprise-grade SLA
  • Scale resources to match business priorities
  • Pay only for the processing power that you use
  • Built on YARN, designed for the cloud
  • Benefit from technology proven at Microsoft with more than 10,000 developers

Power BI Embedded

Bring data to life inside your app

  • Easily author interactive reports without writing any code using Power BI Desktop
  • Choose modern visualizations out-of-the-box or customize without building them from scratch for your reports
  • Easily embed interactive visuals in your app using REST APIs and the Power BI SDK
  • Ensure consistent high-fidelity data experiences on any device
  • Use your existing authentication and authorization methods
  • Speed up time to value without redesigning your existing app
  • Pay only for what you use with no upfront costs

Azure Analysis Services

Proven analytics engine

  • Get started quickly without managing infrastructure
  • Scale resources to match your business needs
  • Visualize your data using your favorite data visualization tool
  • Govern, deploy, test, and deliver your BI solution with confidence

Internet of Things & Enterprise Integration

Azure IoT Hub

Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets

  • Get started quickly
  • Connect and manage billions of IoT devices and assets
  • Support a broad set of operating systems and protocols
  • Establish reliable, bi-directional communication
  • Enhance the security of your IoT solutions
  • Ingest real-time data and upload files to the cloud

Event Hubs

Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps, and devices

  • Log millions of events per second in near real time
  • Connect devices using flexible authorization and throttling
  • Use time-based event buffering
  • Get a managed service with elastic scale
  • Reach a broad set of platforms using native client libraries
  • Pluggable adapters for other cloud services

Stream Analytics

Real-time stream processing in the cloud

  • Perform real-time analytics for your Internet of Things solutions
  • Stream millions of events per second
  • Get mission-critical reliability and performance with predictable results
  • Create real-time dashboards and alerts over data from devices and applications
  • Correlate across multiple streams of data
  • Use familiar SQL-based language for rapid development

Notification Hubs

Send push notifications to any platform from any backend

  • Reach all major platforms—iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, Baidu
  • Use any backend, in the cloud or on-premises
  • Fast broadcast push to millions of mobile devices with single API call
  • Tailor push notifications by user, language, and location
  • Dynamically define and notify user segments
  • Scale instantly to millions of mobile devices

BizTalk Services

Seamlessly integrate the enterprise and the cloud

  • Get started quickly with Hybrid Connections
  • Extend on-premises systems to the cloud for hybrid integration
  • Proven in production—EDI, B2B, Partner, EAI, IOT
  • Integration partners add industry and integration expertise

Service Bus

Keep apps and devices connected across private and public clouds

  • Build reliable and elastic cloud apps with messaging
  • Protect your application from temporary peaks
  • Distribute messages to multiple independent backend systems
  • Reach millions of devices with sub-second response times
  • Decouple your applications from each other
  • Build solutions that work with existing networks

Data Catalog

Get more value from your enterprise data assets

  • Spend less time looking for data, and more time getting value from it
  • Register enterprise data assets
  • Discover data assets and unlock their potential
  • Capture tribal knowledge to make data more understandable
  • Bridge the gap between IT and the business, allowing everyone to contribute their insights
  • Let your data live where you want it; connect with the tools you choose
  • Control who can discover registered data assets
  • Integrate into existing tools and processes with open REST APIs

Security + Identity

Security Center

Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility into and control over the security of your Azure resources

  • Understand the security state of all of your Azure resources
  • Take control of cloud security by defining policies that recommend and monitor security configurations
  • Make it easy for DevOps to deploy integrated Microsoft and partner security solutions
  • Find threats with advanced analysis of your security-related events developed using our vast global intelligence assets and expertise
  • Respond to incidents faster with security alerts that offer insights into the attack and suggestions for remediation

Key Vault

Safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services

  • Increase security and control over keys and passwords
  • Create and import encryption keys in minutes
  • Applications have no direct access to keys
  • Use FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated HSMs
  • Reduce latency with cloud scale and global redundancy

Azure Active Directory

Identity and access management for the cloud

  • Single sign-on to any cloud and on-premises web app
  • Preintegrated with, Office 365, Box, and many more
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication with SaaS
  • Works with multiple platforms and devices
  • Integrate with on-premises Active Directory
  • Enterprise scale and SLA


Consumer identity and access management in the cloud

  • Improve connection with your consumers
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Scale to hundreds of millions of consumers
  • Help protect your consumers’ identities
  • Let consumers use their social media accounts
  • Customizable workflows for consumer interactions

Domain Services

Your domain controller as a service

  • “Lift-and-shift” apps to Azure more easily than ever
  • Use LDAP, Active Directory domain join, NTLM, and Kerberos authentication
  • Rely on a managed, highly-available service
  • Get started in minutes, pay as you go
  • Develop and test with no identity worries
  • Manage Azure virtual machines effectively using Group Policy

Multi-Factor Authentication

Added security for your data and applications—without added hassles for users

  • Safeguard access by mobile apps, phone calls, and SMS
  • Deploy on premises or in the cloud
  • Reduce risk; meet compliance requirements
  • Protect Office 365, Salesforce, DropBox, and other SaaS apps
  • Use with VPN, Microsoft IIS, RADIUS, LDAP
  • Get real-time fraud monitoring and alerts

Developer Services

Visual Studio Team Services

Services to let teams share code, track work, and ship software—for any language, all in a single package. It’s the perfect complement to your IDE.

  • Unlimited free private code repositories
  • Track bugs, work items, feedback, and more
  • Agile planning tools
  • Continuous integration builds
  • Develop in any language
  • Use Visual Studio, Eclipse, or your own tools
  • Enterprise-grade services scale to any team size
  • Free for up to five users

Azure DevTest Labs

Fast, easy, and lean Dev/Test environments

  • Quickly provision development and test environments
  • Minimize waste with quotas and policies
  • Set automated shutdowns to minimize costs
  • Create a VM in a few clicks with reusable templates
  • Get going quickly using VMs from pre-created pools
  • Build Windows and Linux environments

VS Application Insights

Detect, triage, and diagnose issues in your web apps and services

  • Proactively detect issues through email and webhook alerts
  • Easily diagnose exceptions and web app performance issues
  • Perform root cause analysis with ad-hoc queries and full-text search
  • Integrate with DevOps processes using Visual Studio Team Services
  • Monitor web apps hosted on Azure, other cloud services, or on-premises servers
  • Get started with Visual Studio or monitor existing apps without re-deploying

API Management

Publish, manage, secure, and analyze your APIs in minutes

  • Work with any host, any API, any scale
  • Secure and optimize your APIs
  • Attract more developers
  • Gain insights into your APIs


Develop, distribute, and beta-test your mobile apps

  • Support for Android, Cordova, iOS, OS X, Unity, Windows, and Xamarin apps
  • Get live, reliable crash reports
  • Collect in-app feedback from real users
  • Open-source SDKs let you know what code is running in your apps
  • Integrate with your existing build system and work item management solution

Developer Tools

Easily build, debug, deploy, diagnose, and manage multi-platform, scalable apps and services

  • Build apps that span IaaS and PaaS
  • Speed development of enterprise, web, mobile, and Internet of Things apps
  • Develop on the cloud directly from Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, and IntelliJ
  • Build cloud apps for Java, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, or .NET
  • Run Azure commands from your command-line interface
  • Diagnose live apps with world-class debuggers, profilers, diagnostic tools, and explorers

Service Profiler*

Solving your hardest performance problems.

  • Automatically profile Microsoft framework events (or manually declare your own) that matter to you.
  • Summarize the performance data to find long-tail performance problems.
  • Easily find the hot path in your code.

Monitoring & Management

Azure Portal

Build, manage, and monitor everything from simple web apps to complex cloud applications in a single, unified console.

      Azure Resource Manager

      Simplify how you manage your app resources

      • Deploy resources together and easily repeat deployment tasks
      • Categorize resources to clarify billing and management
      • Enable enterprise-grade access control

      Azure Advisor

      Your personalized Azure best practices recommendation engine

      • Get actionable recommendations based on your configuration and usage patterns
      • Optimize for high availability, performance, security, and cost
      • Easily implement recommendations using inline actions

      Azure Monitor

      Get the granular, up-to-date monitoring data you need—all in one place

      • Monitor your Azure resources with detailed logs
      • Set up alerts, and take proactive, automated actions
      • Use flexible configuration and data consumption options
      • Integrate with analytics and notification tools familiar to you

      Log Analytics

      Gain deeper insight into your environments

      • Effortlessly collect, store, and analyze log data
      • Rapidly develop actionable insights using inbuilt intelligence
      • Investigate and fix incidents quickly
      • Gain consistent visibility across on-premises and cloud resources


      Simplify cloud management with process automation

      • Save time and money with automation
      • Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks
      • Improve reliability and efficiency
      • Use with Azure and third-party cloud services
      • Integrate with any service using PowerShell scripts
      • Get a highly available automation engine


      Run your jobs on simple or complex recurring schedules

      • Call services inside or outside of Azure
      • Run jobs on any schedule—now, later, or recurring
      • Count on it to work reliably, even during unexpected failures
      • Use Azure Storage queues for long-running or offline jobs
      • Invoke web service endpoints over HTTP/HTTPS
      • Invoke Azure Service Bus queues and topics